Walking Stars aims to do two things: spread hope for a cancer free future and raise vital funds to help make that a reality.

While there is no fundraising minimum for Walking Stars, every dollar you raise brings us closer to a cancer free future. It all adds up and has a life-changing impact on cancer patients and those around them.

Here are a few reasons why we encourage it:

Fundraising makes you feel good

Being part of a bigger purpose is incredible, as is the sense of accomplishment you’ll get from seeing what a clear impact you’ve made.

Your funds will help at a crucial timeYour funds will help at a crucial time

Cancer Council Victoria needs your help.

Calls to our nurses at the 13 11 20 information and support line quadrupled amid the pandemic. Many cancer patients and their loved ones continue to face unique and unexpected challenges due to COVID-19, even when lockdown restrictions are lifted. Plus, investment into cancer research across Australia has been threatened due to the economic climate. But cancer never rests, so neither do we.

Your fundraising can help people facing cancer at a time when they are more vulnerable than ever. We’ve been humbled by the generosity of Victorians and their willingness to support one another during the pandemic – and we think you’ll experience this support too.

Fundraising is funIt’s fun!

There’s no limit to how you fundraise, nor is there a limit to how much you can fundraise, so have some fun with it! Get creative, plan COVID-safe events and get your family and friends involved. Walking 21km already makes you a star; this extra step will make you shine even brighter.

We’ll provide you with lots of resources and tips to help your fundraising along the way.

If you’re stuck for ideas and need help, we’re here for you. Contact the team on 1300 65 65 85 or supportercare@cancervic.org.au.

Your impactYour impact

As you watch your fundraising total climb, don’t forget that each donation is so much more than just money.

Your fundraising can give a cancer researcher the support they need to make the next big Breakthrough – or provide much-needed support to someone going through the stress of a cancer diagnosis.

Here’s how your fundraising can help:

  • $60 can help give 30 schools an information guide to use when someone is affected by cancer.
  • $100 provides a free wig for one person experiencing cancer related hair loss.
  • $250 can help us deliver cancer screening education to Aboriginal Health Workers in remote and regional communities.
  • $360 pays for the collection and processing of three blood samples that will enable us to discover more about how cancer develops.

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