FAQs - Walking Stars


How do I register for the event?

You can register for Walking Stars from 8 September 2022.

How do I register a team?

Creating a team is a great way to bring together family, friends, or colleagues. You can select to sign up as a team during registration. A team can also be created after signing up from your fundraising dashboard. 

What does my registration fee cover?

Your registration fee covers the entry to the event, your bib, plus event and admin costs.

How many people can I have in a team?

There is no limit to the number of team members, the more the merrier!

I’ve already registered but I want to join a team

There are a few ways to join an existing fundraising team: 

1. When registering for Walking Stars, select ‘Join a Team’, search for the team name, and select the team you wish to join. 

2. Ask the team captain (the person who created the team) to invite you via their team dashboard. 

3. Search for the team here, click on the team page and select ‘Join Us’. If this button is not showing, ask the team captain to change their settings to 'allow anyone to join team' in the team dashboard. 

Can I register at the event?

Entries on the day of the event will be accepted up to 1 hour prior to the start time of the Event, provided that the event has not reached capacity. We cannot guarantee that entries will be available on the day of the event and encourage all participants to enter online. Online entries to the event will be open until 11.59pm on 2 December 2022.

When will I receive my bib/event kit?

Event kits will be posted to all participants in November. Participants who register after 1 November will need to pick up their event kit on the event day.

Can I transfer my registration to a friend?

If you decide not to participate in the event due to change of mind, your registration fee will not be refunded, but may be transferred to another individual. You must inform us of any transfer, and the details of the person you are transferring your ticket to at walking.stars@cancervic.org.au or by calling 1300 65 65 85. This must be done within 48 hours of the event.

I’m having trouble registering

If you have any queries about your registration or the event, please contact our Supporter Care team on 1300 65 65 85 or via email at walking.stars@cancervic.org.au

I don’t want to take part in the event, can I donate to Cancer Council Victoria instead?

We understand that supporters may not be able to attend the event this year. Donations can be made directly online here by credit, debit card or PayPal. Alternatively, you can search for a participant to support here. 

I can no longer attend the event. Can I change my ticket type to Virtual?

If you’re unable to attend the event at Kings Domain, please contact our Supporter Care team on 1300 65 65 85 or via email at walking.stars@cancervic.org.au to discuss your options.

I’ve registered for the virtual event but want to attend the event in person. Can I upgrade my ticket?

We’re so excited to see you at Kings Domain! Contact us on 1300 65 65 85 or via email at walking.stars@cancervic.org.au and our Supporter Care Team will help you change your ticket.

How much is it to regsiter for the event?

Physcial registrations are $80 per registration. Virtual registrations are free.

Kings Domain - Event Info

When does the event start?

The village will be open at 5pm for participants and their family/friends to enjoy food and beverages. The walk will then kick off at 8pm. More details on the evening’s program will be provided closer to the event date.

What time does the event end?

The walk will need to be completed within 6 hours from the start time.

Getting there

We recommend taking public transport to the event. The CBD location means there will be plenty of public transport options available, and PTV services will operate 24 hours over the weekend. If you are driving to the event, we suggest arriving early to secure a car spot as parking may be limited in the CBD.

Where can I find the course map?

You can find more about the course here.

Can I bring my children to the event?

Yes - participants under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the event. Please keep in mind that the 21km walk can finish quite late in the evening.

Is the course wheelchair/pram friendly?

The course is wheelchair and pram friendly as there are no steep inclines, however there is a gravel path section at Birrarung Marr that might be difficult for those with a wheelchair.

Will there be ATM facilities available?

Unfortunately there will be no ATM facilities at the event. The closest ATM facilities will be at Flinders Street Station, NGV or the Arts Centre .

Will there be food and drinks at the event?

Yes, there will be food and drink vendors at the village from 5pm to help fuel your walk. Water stations will also be available throughout the course to keep you well hydrated. This year we’ve been able to secure the following food and truck vendors.

At the Walking Stars Village:

  • Felafel off the Truck - Homemade falafel bowls, Tabouli salad cups, felafel wraps, middle eastern pizzas
  • Amazing Calamari – Salt & pepper calamari, homemade Greek salad & hot chips
  • New Order Events - Italian themed toasted sandwiches, gluten free and vegan cannoli’s along with changing Italian sweets & coffee
  • Tacowey – Taco truck
  • Just Char Kway Teow – Malaysian street food
  • Porcupine Eatery – Italian wood fired pizza & Italian street food
  • Barrel of Beans – Coffee cart

Please note food trucks are subject to change

At the Docklands Pitstop:

  • Port Philip Ferries Café - Offering coffee and light snacks to purchase. Open until midnight only.

Is the glitter used at the Glitter Bar environmentally friendly? 

Absolutely. Walking Stars has only ever used biodegradable and eco-friendly glitter at its event. We use our trusted supplier, Glitterazzi who will be at the Walking Stars event.    

"Glitterazzi only uses glitter made from a special form of eucalyptus cellulose rather than polyester. It is the only glitter available on the market that is proven independently to degrade into harmless substances in the natural environment. It's not only biodegradable but also compostable." 

Will there be medical support available along the course?

Yes, there will be plenty throughout the course and the village.

Is there anywhere I can leave my belongings?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the facilities to hold your belongings at the event village. We suggest bringing a small backpack, water bottle, snacks, and any other essentials you might need.

I've raised $1000 or more and am a VIP SUPERSTAR! What does that mean?

  • Congratulations! You are one of our VIP Superstars and have raised over $1000! This means you get some pretty cool perks, including. 

    • Express check in at our VIP area in the Registration tent 
    • Exclusive VIP access to our Glitter Bar 
    • Your exclusive Walking Stars waist bag to wear on the night! 
    • Your crowning Super Star badge on your fundraising profile
    • Priority starting point for VIPs
    • Exclusive golden VIP bibs
    • Recognition along the course 

    More VIP information will be available soon. 

Do I have to walk the whole 21km?

While this walk is meant to be challenging, most fitness levels will be able to complete the course. However, the distance you choose to walk is your choice. If you’re not sure if this walk is right for you, please seek the advice of your doctor.

Can I complete the course by running?

Running will not be permitted on the designated course

Can I volunteer for the event?

Yes please! Our volunteers have played a crucial role in making previous Walking Stars a success. We need more enthusiastic volunteers for Walking Stars 2022. Registrations to volunteer are open from 1 September. Due to this being a night-time event, all volunteers must be 18+ or accompanied by a parent or guardian. Volunteer here.

What will happen if the Kings Domain event is cancelled due to bad weather?

Where the physical Event is cancelled due to bad weather, supporters will be offered the option to participate in the virtual event at no additional cost and will also have their registration fee transferred to the physical Walking Stars 2023 Event. Refunds will not be provided in these circumstances.

How do I provide information about my medical conditions?

Details about any medical conditions you may have must be provided via your fundraising dashboard here prior to the event. To ensure our participants safety at Walking Stars, we require medical details to be provided by midnight, 20 November 2022. 

How do I update my emergency contact details?

Please contact our Supporter Care team on 1300 65 65 85 or via email at walking.stars@cancervic.org.au to update your emergency contact details. 

Will there be COVID safe measures in place for the event?

Cancer Council Victoria is committed to introducing several measures to provide the safest possible event environment for our participants, volunteers, staff, spectators, and the community. More information about our COVID safe measures below: 


  • You agree to adhere to all public health rules and regulations notified to you by Your local, state or federal Government, other regulatory body or the event venue. 
  • If you are registering for the event as part of a group, as the team captain, you are responsible for knowing the contact details of all attendees in your group. 
  • Walking Stars are committed to providing the safest possible event environment for our participants, volunteers, staff and event staff. 
  • In the event of a positive case at the event, we will follow the direction of the Victorian Department of Health For further information please refer to – https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/health-and-wellbeing 

Virtual Event

How do I complete the virtual 21km walk?

You can complete the 21km walk from 28th November – 4th December. The walk can be completed in your neighbourhood, local park, trail, etc. Don’t forget to track your fitness activity on your dashboard! Please note dashboard fitness tracking will reset midnight, 27th November. Register for the virtual event here.


Why do I need to fundraise?

Every day in Victoria, 98 people are diagnosed with cancer.

Walking Stars aims to do two things: spread hope for a cancer-free future and raise vital funds to help make that a reality.

There is no fundraising minimum for Walking Stars, but every dollar you raise can have a life-changing impact on cancer patients and those around them.

Where does the money raised go?

Every dollar raised goes towards life-saving cancer research, prevention, and support. Find more information on the ways your fundraising makes a difference to those impacted by cancer here.

How can I start fundraising?

Your fundraising page is created once you sign up! Try out these tips and ideas to kick-start your fundraising. 

  1. Personalise your profile. Upload a profile picture to your fundraising page and share your story to let your network know why you’re walking 21kms for a cancer-free future.  

  2. Sponsor yourself. Making a personal donation to your fundraising page sets the bar for other people who may be unsure of how much to donate. 

  3. Share your fundraising page with your friends and family. You can share your page on your social media accounts directly from your dashboard. You’ll be surprised by how many people will want to support you once they know you’re taking on the 21km challenge. Don’t forget every donation gets you closer to your target and unlocks some exciting prizes along the way!

  4. Join the Walking Stars Facebook group here. You’ll meet other members of the Walking Stars community who will offer fundraising ideas, training tips, and support leading up to the event. 

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Where can I read about Cancer Council Victoria fundraising guidelines? 

You can read more about our fundraising guidelines here. 

Where can I find my Letter of Authority to fundraise? 

You can access your Letter of Authority via your fundraising dashboard, or alternatively you can find it here. Please note you will need to be logged into your dashboard to view your Letter of Authority.

Fitness Activity

How do I track my fitness activity?

We have linked up with Strava, Fitbit and Garmin to automatically sync with your fundraising page and add to your kilometres each time you record an activity. Any GPS enabled devices like fitness wristbands or watches (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch etc) will allow you to track your activity. 

If you’re not already connected with these devices, you can always use your Smartphone and download Strava, Fitbit or Garmin to get started. Please select your preferred tracking method here. 

Once installed and your account has been created with your preferred app, login to your Walking Stars fundraising page and head to the 'My Fitness Activity' tab. Here you can now connect to your preferred fitness app. Click on the icon of the app you'd like to connect this will ask you to login and authorise us to access your fitness account. 

When using your fitness app, remember to create a new activity through your app and stop when you're finished each time - this will ensure your kilometres are recorded onto your fundraising page. 

You can also manually add an activity through the 'My Fitness Activity' tab too. 

Can I track my fitness activity if I am a physical participant?

Yes, of course! Both our physical and virtual partipants can track fitness activity via their dashboard here

I'm having trouble connecting my fitness device

If you have any queries about connecting your device, please contact our Supporter Care team on 1300 65 65 85 or via email at walking.stars@cancervic.org.au 


My activity is not appearing on my page. What do I do?

If your activity is not appearing on your dashboard, please follow these steps. 

  1. Make sure your device is synced with your Walking Stars dashboard.

  2. Start and Stop each activity from your app 

  3. Allow 24 hours for your activity to appear on your dashboard 

If your activity is not appearing, you can manually add your steps or KMs via the My Fitness Activity tab on your dashboard. 

 Merchandise and Prizes 

What merchandise and prizes are available?

This year we’ve put together some amazing merchandise milestones. This includes our Walking Stars sweat bands, water bottles, t-shirts and even bum bags! You can read more about our merchandise tiers, prizes and rewards here.

How much do I raise to qualify for merchandise? 

To qualify for our Walking Stars merchandise, start fundraising to unlock your first prize – our Walking Stars sweat band when you reach a fundraising milestone of $250! For prize terms and conditions please read more here