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Mission Completed! THANKYOU to Our Kind Sponsors!

Our team Ahaha completed the 21km challenge over the weekend of 4-6 Dec at the Lake Eildon National Park and it was a wonderful experience. We started tracking our individual walk from Friday and went on a hike as a team on Saturday. Then on Sunday, some of us went for a walk/run from the morning to then regroup at midday for another beautiful walk in the lustrous green Rubicon locality that lovingly reminds me of a scenic frame straight out of Ghibli Studio's movies. 

It's fair to say that every one of us in the team enjoyed the workout on the weekend tremendously and felt a great sense of achievement as we completed our set mission! Thank you for joining us in spirit! Until next time. 


Ann Ngoc Tran

Make our walk a bit more meaningful

I enjoy walks, especially in nature. They recharge me with wholesome energy and give me an opportunity to get back some balance and connect with my inner self that would be neglected every so often in a made-busy life.  So today, I'm joining some friends to walk 21km over one weekend with Walking Stars, to raise funds for Cancer Council to carry out life-saving cancer treatments, prevention programs, and support services that ensure no one has to face cancer alone. That will be one energetic walk for a meaningful cause that we all look forward to.

My father suffered from throat cancer many years back, and as a doctor equipped with medical experience, great self-discipline, and also good blessings, he put up a brave fight and survived. I'm sure not everyone is quite as lucky, and it can be a terrifying battle, so I'm hoping we can all do something to help lighten the experience and work toward a cure. 

I'd love you to join me for a great walk. But if you can't, would you consider sponsoring me and my team? Every dollar counts and will be very much appreciated. Thanks :)

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Well Done Ann!


Ann Ngoc Tran


Adeline Teng

Good luck Ann! Have a great walk with your team, towards a great cause👍!


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Well Done!! Dar


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Good luck Ann! You can do this and we are supporting u in spirit! x



Good luck Ann! Hope I can join you next time :)




Shantina Shan


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enjoy the great deed together!


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Great work em. Looking forward to see Hazel joining soon.


Ann Tran