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I’m walking to help people facing cancer

Hello everyone!

My name is Khanh (Kelly). I love walking and outdoor sports. My challenge for this year is to walk 21 kilometres within one weekend to encourage people that have cancer. 

Eleven years ago, I spent 3 months looking after my beloved grandpa struggling his life against cancer in hospital. He was a police officer, a strong and resilient man while protecting people but became so fragile and lonely when suffering from cancer... That was the first time I saw his tears at night and I never forget it, I felt his pain. He sought for help and all sources of support especially for his  mental strength. Every time our family visited him, sat next to him, held his hands and comforted him, he seemed to forget his pain and smiled with us...He passed away in 2009. So I really understand how meaningful a little hope and joy in every minute, every second we can give to vulnerable people with cancer like my grandpa. I want to walk for them, to strengthen them in their battle against this life threatening disease. 

If you want to spread kindness to those people, please consider walking with me or sponsor me together with my Ahaha Team at the link below:

Thank you for your time reading my story! I hope to see you at our walking trip.

Kelly KL Tran

I’m shining bright for people facing cancer and walking 21km over one weekend with Walking Stars. 

Every year more than 35,000 Victorians hear the words ‘you have cancer’.  

Thanks in part to generous Victorians, 7 in 10 of them will survive five years after a cancer diagnosis, but there’s still so much work to be done.  

Cancer Council needs our support more than ever this year. Every dollar raised gives hope for a cancer free future. By supporting my walk, you’re funding life-saving cancer treatments, prevention programs, and support services that ensure no one has to face cancer alone.

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