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TONIGHT I’m taking on the 21km Walking Stars challenge -  Saturday 3rd December – it’s going to be one special night to make a difference!

Like the true superstars they are, my friends Toni & Heath signed up to be ambassadors of Walking Stars and walk 21km through the night in Melbourne as Team Carpe Diem and now in true Carpe Diem style I’ve decided to seize the day and sign up to join them! It’s all very last minute and I haven’t done much training but I’m absolutely determined to complete this alongside my beautiful friend Toni who is bravely battling cancer herself. 

I’m kindly asking you to sponsor me as this will keep me going tonight, knowing I’m doing my bit to help raise some funds for this great cause. Every little helps - even consider donating $5 to help rather than get a coffee one day next week please!! 

Thank you so much in advance for helping me help others! 

Lindsay xxxx

Did you know that 1 Victorian is diagnosed with cancer every 15 minutes? From the moment that person hears the words ‘you have cancer’, their life will never be the same again. The emotional, physical and financial toll of a cancer diagnosis is far reaching.

Thanks in part to generous Victorians, 7 in 10 people facing cancer will survive five years after their diagnosis. But there’s still so much work to be done.

By supporting me, you can help tackle cancer from all angles – from cancer research to powerful prevention programs and compassionate support services. Together, we can work towards a day where a cancer diagnosis holds no fear.

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Well done Lindz!!! Xx


Georgia & Al

Well done to you all! Hope the ankle isn’t too sore this morning xxx


Carol Mullin

Good Luck Team - Well Done Lindsay


Bernadette Hall

You go girl.!Proud of you all


Pamela Feore

Go Lindsay!!!


Jarrod Mibus


Ashley & Calum

Good Luck Lindz But even bigger good luck to your friend battling xx


Juno Sheehy-king

Go Lindsay!! Love Juno Sheehy-King


Lesley & Claire

Great job Linds!! Good luck


Martin Edwards

Nice work Lindsay, we hope you smashed it! Love the Edwards



Go Linds!!


Ash, Lee And Adley Dore

We are sending team carpe diem our best wishes. You got this Linds!



Good luck Lindsay. You got this!!


Kate Chapman

Good on you Linds xx


Chris & Gem

Good luck and proud of you!



Great cause and good on you!! Xx


Dan, Emmie, Teddy X

Proud of you Mamma Bear. Good luck!

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