Mandi & Shelley Walk for the Ones we Loved

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The Amazing Women we are Walking for

Unfortunately we all have lost a family member or friend to cancer, we have watched them battle through pain and fight until the end.  

My beautiful Nan and dearest friend Lozy both lost their battle with cancer. 

My sisters will tell you that I was my Nan's favourite grandchild, I'll happily wear that hat as my Nan was as special to me as my boys and Shelley are.  Nan loved to bake, like me she had such a sweet tooth, she loved cake, chocolate, put cream on her cornflakes instead of milk every morning and loved having me help her, so many of the recipes I still bake now are my Nan's. She was a fashionista, she loved shopping, she had amazing style, always had a matching handbag for every outfit and never packed light, so yes I am very much like my Nan.  Below is a photo of Nan and  I on my wedding day, my bridesmaids and I got ready at my Nan's, she loved having us there.  She spent months manicuring her garden for the wedding photos, she loved having my wedding dress hanging in her spare room.  Nan's neighbours sat outside on their front lawns to watch all the commotion, it was a truly special morning to spend with her and something I'll never forget and always treasure.

Lozy was one of my dearest friends, we both grew up and lived our lives in Drysdale and worked together at DHS.  We both loved baking, the colour purple, being Mums, eating cake, shopping and watching movies together.  Lozy's sister Lynette owns the local florist and their Mum loved helping out at the florist as did Lozy, who was incredibly creative and had a flair for making the most beautiful bouquets.

Both Nan and Lozy were amazing women, they were caring, loving, selfless, tirelessly working in our local community and they loved me unconditionally, how incredibly lucky was I. I wake up everyday missing them, missing sharing my life with them & missing their endless love and support.

My beautiful future daughter-in-law Shelley is walking for her darling Mum.  Shelley's Mum Diana lost her battle with cancer in 2017 when Shelley was only 18, no child should loose their Mum at such a young age.  Shelley's Mum was everything to Shelley, she was not only her Mum but her best friend and unfortunately for Shelley her Mum will never get to see her graduate from uni with a law degree, walk her down the aisle when she gets married or be the grandmother she would want to be.  Everyday is difficult for Shelley as she tries to live without her Mum, without her endless love and support.

This 21km walk will be one of the most important things I have ever done, I hope I can inspire others to join and donate to this most significant cause - the fight against cancer. I hope that whatever money is raised will go towards funding research, providing treatments and medical support, in the hopes it can save another person and family facing the heartache and devastation that is cancer.  

I'm so incredibly proud of Shelley and so thankful that she is doing this walk with me.  We love you gorgeous girl and you have made our little family complete.

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Karen Blackney

Well done ladies, a cause close to my heart ❤ 😘


Jared Nichols

Don't walk to quick you lose Shelley, Proud of you mum best of luck!



Well done ladies.


Debra Whitting

Good on you both. Love you, talk soon. xxx


Ann Maree Degiorgio

You go girly Mandi greatcause


Deirdre Coleman

You go girls ..awesome job!😊👍


Natalie Summers

Best of luck girls! What a wonderful cause and well done to your dedication





Dee ??




Well done beautiful ladies 💕 I lost my Mum to cancer in 2019, my heart is still broken


John Nichols

Very proud of you baby girl, you've got this, we'll have CHOCOLATE at the finish line for you & Nan's cheering you on