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It’s not too late to join team Carpe Diem and/or donate! Melbourne has turned it on for us ?? 

Carpe Diem

We’re Toni and Heath, The Amazing Race Australia 2022 winners!

On Saturday, 3 December, we’ll be putting our best foot forward for people affected by cancer.

I’m Toni, and I was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and then terminal/secondary breast cancer in 2021. I’m participating in Walking Stars to raise awareness and much-needed funds to support Cancer Council Victoria’s cancer research, prevention, and support services.

When I was diagnosed, I wanted to create life-long memories with my husband, Heath.

We were doing lots of walking on the Amazing Race.

I’ve always found exercise as a great way to escape from cancer. I always made my netball match during my treatment, no matter how ill I was. It was one hour of switching off and being with my friends. It helped clear the mind.

We’ve had some of our best conversations, Heath and I when we’re walking the dog. It’s a cathartic activity.

Heath: Exercise has been very helpful for my mental health, especially since Toni’s second diagnosis.


The Amazing Race

Since taking part in the The Amazing Race Australia, we have received many inspiring messages of support from other people affected by cancer.

We went on the show to raise awareness and to get people to be mindful of their health. We also wanted to show people that even if you do get a diagnosis of cancer – even if it is terminal – that there’s still a life to live!

We’ve received a lot of messages from people who have been diagnosed with cancer. They’ve been like: you’ve made us stop feeling sorry for ourselves. If you can go out there and race around the world – and win – we can go for a walk every day.

I live by the motto: Carpe Diem, also known as Seize the Day.

It’s always been a part of my life, and my dad always said; that’s how I live my life. I’m always going a hundred miles an hour.

Heath agrees: I follow Toni’s motto. She has shown me a lot since we’ve been together –how to grasp life and to go out there and live it.

We’ve raced around the world for eight weeks carrying very heavy backpacks, so the least all of you can do is come join us walking around Melbourne for a half-a-marathon and donate.

Let’s do this!

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Paula Watson

What a fantastic event - hope you had an amazing night, lots of love to you both and well done to everyone! Xxx




Abi Weir

Best of luck! You got this! Much love x 😊🤙


Susie Packer

You are both incredible... absolute heroes! Also to Mum (Vicky), Kate and Lindsay... go greenies! Sending so much love from Liverpool ❤️


Graeme Curry

Love to both of you We are so proud of you both Love Dad & Mum 😘😘


Kimberley Radford


Vicky Packer

You guys are just amazing and so inspirational enjoy the event 🥰- lots of love & hugs xx


Ros Welsh

Go , you good things.


Zoe Rutherford

Sending you lots of love ❤️ Enjoy the occasion and memory making xxx


Dean And Narelle Higgins

What an inspiration you are, keep fighting!! 💪💪


Abbey Sneddon



You are incredible! Sending all our love 😘😘😘😘😘


Gemma Hilland

Love you both xxx


Laura S


Adam Mcardle



You both are amazing people


Hannah Carey

Enjoy every pressure moment together, loved watching you on amazing race


Grant O’sullivan

Fabulous work Toni and Heath! All the best for the walk.


Geraldine Farrell

Go well 😘😘


Mia B

You guys are so amazing and so inspirational!!


Alexandra Fraser


Lara Parisi

Keep kicking butt Toni & Heath. With love, Adrian, Lara, Xavier and Noah Xx



Good Luck guys, you are amazing! you will smash this


Lauren And Steph


Boek Family

Awesome job guys!


Karen & Max Van Scott

Great work team blue! Always thinking of you both and in awe of your fighting spirit xxx


Aila Haljeta


Brianna & Shane

You 2 are inspirational! Xoxo

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